New VPS Plans Offered

With the progression of technology moving at such a rapid pace, efficiency gains are attained quickly through better, faster and more reliable hardware. So to better serve our customers, CyberOne Data has made some significant changes to our virtual private server (VPS) plans. In order to provide a variety of options for the most basic needs to more advanced requirements, six different options are now […]

1 Gigabit Burstable Bandwidth Upgrade Launched

In the classic 1984 movie Top Gun, Tom Cruise – affectionately know as “Maverick” – has a famous line, “I feel the need, the need for speed.” Of course, he’s an F-14 Tomcat fighter pilot and way out of our league.  The truth is, we share Maverick’s need for speed, just in a different way, a way that moves data thousands of times faster than an […]

FreeBSD Foundation Adds CyberOne Data As Central U.S. Mirror Site

As avid supporters of open source software and community-based software development, CyberOne Data has partnered with the FreeBSD Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting and building the FreeBSD Project and community worldwide.To ensure site redundancy and availability, CyberOne Data is now a hosting site for the FreeBSD Foundation. The addition of this site allows the Project to have a Central US mirror that will supplement […]

Your O365 Data Isn’t Being Backed Up. Mitigate Your Risk Now.

Businesses across the globe continue the migration from on-premise production environments to Office 365. So, what’s the driving force behind the adoption? According to Gartner research, “Exchange Online was cited as the top driver of O365 adoption at 70%, followed by OneDrive for Business at 49% and SharePoint Online at 41%. But with the continued migration comes a false sense of security. Organizations are still […]

3 Reasons To Consider Dedicated, Hosted Servers Instead of Company Owned Equipment

It’s a fair question and the answer is not always clear to infrastructure managers, systems administrators, network engineers and other IT professionals that manage a company’s infrastructure: should my organization use dedicated servers in a data center instead of company owned equipment purchased on the typical three to five year refresh? Like anything else that requires ample scrutiny, so does the case for using dedicated […]

Gleaning an Important Data Protection Strategy From Atlanta Airport’s Single Point of Failure

Events that play out in the public spotlight often provide opportunity to learn valuable lessons. The Incident The world’s busiest airport was effectively shut down this past Sunday for about 11 hours. In the end, there were probably hundreds of thousands – if not millions – of people affected by the power outage at Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport. While officials don’t yet know how it […]

CyberOne Data Partners with Veeam® to Provide Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Solutions

In today’s ever evolving, uber-connected world, most businesses have little or no tolerance for downtime. Customers have come to expect 24×7 access to products and services. As a data center, our goal is to provide our customers with “always on” access to resources – an inherent trait of a modern data center. Because of the “always on” position that businesses must take, CyberOne Data is […]

CEO Discusses New Data Center On Local Wisconsin TV Show

My fifteen minutes of fame – I’m not sure it lasted that long. But I did enjoy it. No autographs please.  Ok, I didn’t expect to get famous, but I did thoroughly enjoy being able to sit down with two long-time community members for a great interview about CyberOne Data.  Thanks to co-hosts Jesse Austin and Carla Lenk with Wisconsin Rapids Community Media, I was able […]

5 Reasons To Consider A Private Data Center Instead of Public Cloud

Do I run my applications and store my data in the public cloud or utilize a private data center? The decision can be a difficult one for IT executives. Public cloud usage has exploded in the last decade but not everyone is sold on it. Like just about everything, there are considerations when evaluating which path to choose. Here are five to consider when examining your […]

Joining CWITA Is An Investment In Wisconsin and Its Workforce

CyberOne Data, first and foremost, is a data center designed to store, protect and transmit data. But the data center itself is built on technology. Servers, software, switches, routers, bandwidth – on the surface, these terms sound fairly dull and technical. But these are words even non-technical people are familiar with in this day and age. In reality, technology is pervasive. There is so much technology layered into our […]

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