Who We Are!

 CyberOne Data, LLC (CyberOne) is a privately-owned, Tier II data center located in central Wisconsin. As the only Tier II data center in the central Wisconsin area, CyberOne offers a unique value proposition that combines affordably priced server and data storage services with the security, reliability and trust that’s expected from a data center environment.

CyberOne was founded with an entrepreneur’s spirit to positively affect it’s surrounding communities with affordable, scalable, and reliable data technologies that improve, expand or enhance an organization’s ability to succeed. At CyberOne, we know that our company’s ultimate success or failure revolves around our customers. Our focus is building relationships, delivering on expectations, earning trust and growing a profitable business.

We also know that we live in a technologically driven world, socially connected like never before. To be a part of the evolution is a privilege and one we take seriously each day. CyberOne is committed to continuously improving our services and contributing to the success of others.

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