Failover Successful. Disaster Averted.

Disaster Recovery preparation and planning can be a life saver for businesses with a low tolerance for downtime.


Disaster recovery with 1-click site failover and failback and little-to-no business interruptions

Data corruption. Ransomware. Severed fiber. Exploded transformer. Natural disaster. These types of incidents can strike at any time, and survival of your business may well depend on the quality and accuracy of the disaster recovery planning and procedures put into place.

Utilizing a Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) provider is a smart choice…DRaaS gives you added assurance that your organization can and will survive a disaster. For those organizations with a low tolerance for down time, and the assumption that true disaster recovery isn’t affordable, think again.

DRaaS powered by Veeam is a true cloud-based disaster recovery with <15 minute RPOs and RTOs

3 Easy Steps To Get Started!

  • Sign up for replication services with CyberOne Data using Veeam Backup and Replication or Veeam Availability Console
  • Build a hardware plan to determine vCPUs, memory, storage capacity and network resources needed.
  • Start replicating!

Bandwidth Friendly

Using built-in WAN acceleration and seeding, slow or unreliable WAN connections or many VMs are still possible. Alternatively, you can even replicate from backups using Veeam Cloud Connect Backup, further reducing the amount of data that must be sent across the WAN.

Secure and Easy

A single port is all that’s needed. Veeam Cloud Connect encapsulates and encrypts all network traffic – for management, replication and even inter-VM communication – to securely transmit data over a single port using SSL/TLS. No need to set up and maintain VPN connections or open multiple ports.

All-Inclusive VM Solution

Because replication happens at the hypervisor layer, any operating system, storage or application can be protected with support for both VMware vSphere and Microsoft Hyper-V hypervisors. This is advanced, imaged-based VM replication and streamlined disaster recovery

15 Minute RPO and RTO

If your organization has demanding SLAs that require recovery time objectives and recovery point objectives off less than one hour, this is the solution for your business. You get functionality to recover entire VMs, individual files and application items.

Why Use CyberOne Data & Veeam?

Extend your existing data center to an offsite location

NeProtect your business with CyberOne Data's DRaaS Solution powered by Veeam.

With a solution for replication of both virtual and physical servers, build your business continuity & disaster response plan with CyberOne data today!

DRaaS is a practical solution for businesses of all sizes.
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