Dedicated servers remove overhead, offer flexibility and they're all yours - no sharing. 


Dedicated servers are the perfect option for businesses that have outgrown shared hosting environments or are ready to shift operations from on premise server rooms to a legitimate data center.

Choosing dedicated server hosting for your business is an avenue that provides dedicated resources, greater flexibility, scalability and better security. Dedicated servers are provided in both Linux and Windows platforms and can be fully customized. Depending on the configurations, the level of security and control desired is up to you.

CyberOne Data offers two types of dedicated servers – managed and unmanaged. Managed servers take the hassle out of IT management. Utilizing managed, dedicated servers, IT Managers are freed from the commitment of server patching, updates, monitoring and other tasks that sap precious time. Instead, they can contribute to business process improvements, innovations or efficiencies that add value to the bottom line.

Unmanaged Dedicated Servers – Our unmanaged dedicated servers put you in complete control, providing the freedom to manage the operating system of your choice, install custom software applications, and apply critical patches when needed.

Managed Dedicated Servers – Our managed dedicated servers are full service turnkey solutions that include our full server management package. We handle management of the operating system, updates, security patches, and 24/7 proactive monitoring. While this option does not provide you with administrative access, you are provided with a control panel that takes the headache out of managing your server so that you can focus on your core business.

Benefits of Dedicated Servers

CyberOne Data's dedicated servers are designed for businesses that want flexibility, scalability and fixed costs. 

  • Know Your Monthly Fixed Cost

  • 24/7/365 Monitoring

  • Scale Up With a Few Clicks

  • Redundancies For Power, Connectivity and Security

  • Opex Vs. Capex

  • Current Techologies

Managed by us or managed by you

Whether you choose an unmanaged or managed dedicated server, a CyberOne Data engineer will provide ongoing maintenance and support. Should the server or any related hardware components fail, they will be immediately replaced at no additional charge to you. Our custom configured server packages make viable alternatives to purchasing your own hardware and struggling to maintain it in-house. 

Dedicated Server Hosting
Built to suit your needs - you're in charge


Choose 1 or 2 sockets. Get the horsepower you need for your business


Multiple ISPs with BGP routing, burstable to 1Gbps and gigabit switching


From our entry level servers with 4GB RAM to the workhorse sporting 128GB 

IP Addresses

IPv4 and IPv6 addresses available in blocks or issued one at a time


We offer RAID 1, RAID 5 or RAID 10. Everyone's tolerance for failure differs.


Each dedicated server is provided full root access via ssh connection


The choice is up to you. SATA, SAS or SSD drives. Mix and match.


All dedicated server plans are on a month to month basis

Dedicated Means It's Yours

• Single Tenant, Dedicated Servers
• Gigabit Ethernet Ports
• Choose Your Favorite OS
• No Annual Commitments
• Forget Capital Expenses

High Performance and Reliability

• Backup Power by UPS and Generator
• 24/7 Monitoring
• Single and Dual Processors
• Variety of Plans to Choose From
• Manage Your Own Server or Let Us Do It

• RAID 6 or RAID 10 Configurations

Let Us Do The Hosting

• N+1 Power Backup
• Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS)
• Diesel Generator Backup
• Multiple Internet Service Providers (ISP)
• Fully Redundant Juniper Connection Switches
• Redundant Gigabit Ethernet Links to Each Cabinet

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Need To Get Creative With Your Dedicated Server Requirements? We're In.

Let's talk about it. Just reach out and we'll find an answer. We'd love to put together a creative solution that best meets your needs. 

We Can Do Custom Solutions.

Tell us what you need. 

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