Copies of data kept offsite are a critical component of any  well designed backup and disaster recovery plan.


Let's face it, any modern business today runs on data. Accounting applications, CRM, mobile apps, sales management, document management, business analytics, ERP. There are virtually no industries in today's business climate that don't rely on their data to help run the business - and without it they might be "dead in the water." Or worse, out of business.

Reliable, offsite data backups are powered by Veeam, a 2017 Garnter Leader in the Magic Quadrant for Data Center Backup and Recovery Solutions. 

Veeam Cloud Connect Powered Backups Will Give Your Business Peace of Mind. 

Local Just Isn't Good Enough

Storing data locally is a first line of defense. But simply having local backups will not be enough to keep your business critical data safe in a real disaster scenario. Fires, flooding, vandalism, theft, ransomware or even accidental deletion are possibilities that can and do occur. 

Be a Follower
  • Have at least three copies of your data.

  • Store the copies on two different media.

  • Keep one backup copy offsite.

Protect Both Physical and Virtual Servers

Utilizing Veeam Backup and Replication with Cloud Connect, you can back up an entire server, whether physical or virtual, including the OS, applications and the associated data offsite to a CyberOne Data storage repository, protecting your data from unexpected incidents within your production environment.


Having an entire sever image prevents any need for reconfigurations upon recovery, enabling your business to get back up and running quickly and easily.

Backup Windows or Linux

Veeam Agent for Microsoft Windows provides availability for workloads hosted by Windows-based servers and workstations.


With Veeam Agent for Microsoft Windows, you get:

  • Enterprise-level backup and recovery: Get complete protection for both workstations and Windows physical servers including full application awareness

  • Physical backups off site: Back up Windows-based workloads offsite to CyberOne Data through Veeam Cloud Connect

  • Protection of roaming endpoints: Meet RPOs for laptops and tablets outside the corporate network

Veeam Agent for Linux is a simple backup agent for Linux that’s designed to provide availability for workloads hosted by Linux-based servers and workstations.

With Veeam Agent for Linux, you get the following benefits:

  • Physical backups off site: Back up Linux-based workloads offsite to CyberOne Data through Veeam Cloud Connect

  • Flexible recovery: Perform on-premises restores from offsite backups or cloud restores of on-premises backups

  • Integration with Veeam Backup & Replication™: Take full advantage of offsite backup repositories as target locations, leverage existing capabilities for file-level recovery— and more!

Choosing an offsite provider requires due diligence and numerous considerations. 

Questions about offsite data backups?

As an offsite storage repository, CyberOne can help your company build a plan for offsite backups to protect your business from the unknown.  

A Private Data Center is Ideal For Offsite Data Backups

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