CyberOne Data Ribbon Cutting Ceremony In The Books

On Thursday, September 7th, CyberOne Data made it’s early 2017 summer opening official with a local ribbon cutting ceremony attended by local businesses, elected officials, customers, family and friends.  Working with the Heart of Wisconsin Chamber of Commerce, the Central Wisconsin Regional Growth Initiative and the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation, CyberOne Data opened it’s doors early in the summer to fill a void in the central Wisconsin region of the state.  […]

Does Your Company Have Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plans In Place?

Hurricane Harvey could end up being the costliest natural disaster in U.S. History with a price tag of $190 billion some sources have estimated. Flooding is claimed to have affected over 28,000 square miles and dumped approximately 33 trillion gallons of water when all was said and done. Those numbers are staggering to say the least. We know the impact has been personally devastating for […]

CyberOne Data Is Now A Linux Red Hat Partner

CyberOne Data recently became a Red Hat partner and, for us, it was an easy decision. But who is Red Hat? Well, they describe themselves as “…the world’s leading provider of open source solutions, using a community-powered approach to provide reliable and high-performing cloud, virtualization, storage, Linux, and middleware technologies.”   I’ve always been a huge proponent of open source software for many reasons. But more than anything […]

Understanding the Difference Between Backups and Disaster Recovery for SMBs

With a quick Google search you’ll see that there are different statistics about how many businesses never open their doors again after facing a disastrous event. The U.S. Small Business Administration states that, “according to the Institute for Business and Home Safety, an estimated 25 percent of businesses do not reopen following a major disaster.” That’s a pretty scary number if your livelihood depends on that […]

CyberOne Data Radio Interview With Carl Hilke of WFHR AM1320’s Morning Magazine

On Thursday, July 20th, I had the privilege of speaking to the listeners of central Wisconsin’s WFHR AM1320 Radio. Although I’ve spoken in front of a variety of different groups of people before, a live radio interview was a first for me. Much to my surprise, it wasn’t as intimidating as I had envisioned – I got through it unscathed.  For the invitation and opportunity, I must thank Rick […]

Top Tech Leaders Should Pave The Way for SMBs To Help Modernize Federal Government Information Systems

Some of the world’s top technology leaders met with President Trump last week to talk about government modernization (does that qualify as an oxymoron?). It was the first meeting of his new American Technology Council designed to catch our government up with the private sector in terms of information technology and digital services delivery. The White House is leaning on these tech giants to help […]

Decided To Use A Data Center? Central Wisconsin Is A Smart Choice. Here’s Why.

As a business owner, determining the right location for a data center is no small feat. There are innumerable factors to consider but there are a few that stand out: operating costs, capital costs, electrical and ISP reliability, natural disaster potential and the general business climate. Let’s look at each of these in more detail to see why central Wisconsin was our choice. Operating Costs […]

8 Cybersecurity Tips For SMBs That Can Greatly Reduce Risk and Exposure

Get Protection From Viruses, , Malware, Spyware, and Other Malicious Code Ransomware is making the news regularly these days. It’s affecting some of the largest companies in the world. But don’t think it can’t happen to your business. Ensure your organization’s desktops, laptops and servers are equipped with antivirus and antispyware software. Update them regularly or setup for automatic updating to get the most recent definitions. […]

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